SOM-PH8700I, AM3358 (Embest Info&Tech Co.,Ltd.)

Наименование SOM-PH8700I
Производитель Embest Info&Tech Co.,Ltd.(EMBEST)
Артикул 2090028
Производитель МК
Разрядность, бит
Тип устройства

SOM-PH8700 (SOM for short) is the CPU module of AM335x Evaluation Kit. It integrates an AM335x (AM3358) processor and external memory and can be connected to an expansion board through SOM interface.
As a minimum CPU subsystem, the SOM is fully compatible with AM3352, AM3354, AM3356, AM3357, AM3358 and AM3359 processors without the need for circuit modification. It can be booted from NandFlash, SPI Flash, eMMC and a SD card just by configuring the settings.
The SOM uses a pair of 1.27mm-pitch pin headers to connect to expansion boards which would provide power supply, connectors and extended I/Os.

Hardware Features

Processor/Memory of SOM-PH8700:

  • AM335x (AM3358,324 contacts BGA)

  • DDR3 4Gb /32 Meg x 16 x 8 banks

  • eMMC 4GB 8-bit data

I/Os/Interfaces of SOM-PH8700:

  • MMC data bus×1
  • SPI×1
  • I2C×1
  • UART×4 (including a debug interface)
  • USB×2
  • MCASP audio port×1
  • LCD port×1
  • ADC port×8 (port 0~3 for resistive touchscreen)
  • GPMC×1
  • User-defined LED×2
  • 1000M Ethernet PHY ×1
  • Battery management×1
  • Supports 24MHz crystal oscillator and 32.768 kHz clock frequency
  • SOM90 connector×2
  • RoHS compliant

Other Features:

  • Operating temperature-40~85°CIndustrial ) 
  • Input voltage5V 
  • Operating humidity20% ~ 90%no condensation) 
  • Mainboard size70 mm×50 mm 
  • PCB specifications8 layer design