KIT_AURIX_TC234_MOTORCTR, TC234L (Infineon Technologies Ag (Siemens Semiconductors) )

Производитель Infineon Technologies Ag (Siemens Semiconductors) (INFIN)
Артикул 2083038
Производитель МК
Тип устройства

With the Application Kit TC2x4, TC2x5 or TC2x7 it allows to drive a 3 Phase brushless motor. Applications can be developed easily. The eMotor Drive Kit is equipped with a variety of interfaces for position detection and current measurement. Additionally a driver IC (TLE9180) and a complete B6 bridge driver allow spinning a motor up to 50Watt.

Summary of Features:


  • TC234 Application Kit with TFT Display incl. safety supply TLF35584
  • eMotor PowerBoard
    • Driving of a 3 Phase PMSM/BLCD (12Volt/max. 50Watt) with TLE9180
    • Sensing of Motor Position with Resolver, Encoder or Hall Sensor
    • Phase Current Measurement with DC Link Shunt
    • Phase Current Measurement with 2/3 Shunts in Ground Path
    • Configuration / Diagnostic via SPI
    • eMotor Drive Kit fits perfectly to Application TC2x4
    • Low Power Status LED
    • Dimension: 100mm x 120mm
  • BLDC Motor from Nanotec
    • 17V / 3,57A (40W)


  • Flexible configuration
  • Field oriented control algorithms
  • PWM generation with space vector control
  • Open/Closed loop mode
  • Resolver evaluation with Delta Sigma AD converter (not supported by TC23x)
  • Encoder evaluation with GPT12
  • Current measurement in ground path with VADC


  • Easy to getting started on motor control supporting multiple control schemes
  • Easy system evaluation based on Infineon motor control solution: Microcontroller: AURIX™, Bridge Driver: TLE9180, Safety Supply: TLF35584