KIT_XMC1X_AK_MOTOR_001 (Infineon Technologies Ag (Siemens Semiconductors) )

Наименование KIT_XMC1X_AK_MOTOR_001
Производитель Infineon Technologies Ag (Siemens Semiconductors) (INFIN)
Артикул 2082998


  • MCU board with XMC1300 and detachable SEGGER J-Link debug interface
  • Motor Board: 12 – 24V, up to 3A, On board 3-phase motor (24V, 15W) with hall sensors, Optional encoder interface
  • Power supply 24V, 1A

Supported control schemes

  • V/f open loop
  • Block or sinusoidal commutation with hall sensors or sensorless
  • FOC with hall sensors, encoder or sensorless

Tool chain

  • Fully supported by DAVE™
  • APPs available for various control schemes