KITXMCLINKSEGGERV1TOBO1 (Infineon Technologies Ag (Siemens Semiconductors) )

Производитель Infineon Technologies Ag (Siemens Semiconductors) (INFIN)
Артикул 2016381
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Functional Isolated Debug Probe, Based on SEGGER J-Link Technology

XMC™ Link is an Isolated Debug Probe for all XMC™ Microcontrollers. The debug probe is based on SEGGER J-Link debug firmware, which enables use with DAVE™ and all common third-party compiler/IDEs (Altium Limited, Atollic, ARM/KEIL, IAR Systems, iSystem, Rowley Associates) known from the wide ARM® ecosystem.

ummary of Features:

  • 1kV DC functional isolation

  • Debug protocols

    • JTAG

    • Serial Wire Debug (SWD)

    • Serial Wire Viewer/Output (SWV/SWO)

    • Infineon's Single Pin Debug (SPD)

  • Virtual COM Port (UART-to-USB Bridge)


Target connectors:

  • 10-pin Cortex® debug connector

  • 8-pin XMC™ MCU debug connector

  • 2.5V to 5.5V target voltage operation