uLCD-70DT-Pi, DIABLO16 (4D Systems)

Наименование uLCD-70DT-Pi
Производитель 4D Systems(4D)
Артикул 1933479
Тип устройства
Производитель МК

This 4D Systems Display Module Pack for the Arduino (and variants) is made up of a uLCD-70DT 7.0" TFT LCD Display Module with Resistive Touch, a 4D Serial Pi Adaptor and a 5 way interface cable, for quick and easy connection to a Raspberry Pi.

This Display Module Pack enables an Arduino user to quickly connect the 4D Serial Pi Adaptor to their Raspberry Pi, connect the 5 way cable between the Adaptor and the Display Module, and be connected in seconds to start programming their new 4D Systems Display.

The uLCD-70DT can be configured in a number of ways using the 4D Systems Workshop4 IDE. There are 4 programming Environments to choose from, to enable the widest range of options possible and to suit a wide range of Users and projects alike.

The uLCD-70DT-PI has a comprehensive ViSi-Genie library written to communicate with the Raspberry Pi, allowing the Visi-Genie events to be easily understood by the Raspberry Pi and users code.

Utilises the Raspberry Pi's UART Serial Port.

For a detailed listing of the capabilities of the display module in this Raspberry Pi Pack, please refer to the datasheet for the display itself, available from the Product Page of the uLCD-70DT.