CLOUDST25TA02K-P (STMicroelectronics)

Наименование CLOUDST25TA02K-P
Производитель STMicroelectronics(ST)
Артикул 1927823
Стандарт передачи

The CLOUD-ST25TA is a ready-to-use demo board intended to evaluate the ST25TA02K-P.

The ST25TA02K-P device is a dynamic NFC/RFID tag IC with a digital General Purpose Output embedding a 2 Kbit EEPROM that supports NDEF Tag Application per NFC Forum Type 4.

The device communicates over the ISO/IEC 14443 Type A protocol and is fully powered by the RF field. In case the GPO output is used, an external reference voltage is required to set the high level voltage of the GPO signal in order to be directly compatible with the IO voltage of the MCU or Host without the need of any level shifter.

The GPO signal of ST25TA02K-P product is active HIGH when asserted and thus can be used as a rising edge interrupt. It may be configured through the RF interface for various uses like indicating Field Detection (by default) amongst others to wake-up an MCU or Host like Bluetooth or Wifi chipset.