Armadillo-43T, BCM2835 (4D Systems)

Armadillo-43T, 4D Systems Armadillo-43T, 4D Systems Armadillo-43T, 4D Systems
Наименование Armadillo-43T
Производитель 4D Systems(4D)
Артикул 1925772
Тип устройства
Разрядность, бит
Производитель МК

The Armadillo-43(T) is a complete Linux based computer display module with built-in 24bit colour 480x272 resolution TFT LCD display, and features a Resistive Touch display (Armadillo-43T), or non-touch display (Armadillo-43) on special request (please contact our sales department for this).

At the heart of the Armadillo-43(T) is a Broadcom BCM2835 System-On-Chip (SoC), which combines an ARM1176JZF-S CPU Processor with a VideoCore IV GPU in a single package. The Armadillo-43 features 512MB of RAM, which is shared between the CPU and the GPU.

The Armadillo-43(T) requires a microSD card loaded with an appropriate image in order to start up, as it features no on board Flash memory itself, and uses the microSD card for booting and persistent storage.

By default, the Armadillo-43(T) has been developed to utilise the Armadillian Operating System, which is based on Raspbian/Debian and optimised for the BCM2835 SoC.

Armadillian has been built by 4D Systems from source to optimise the features of the Armadillo-43T, yet created to remain compatible with the Raspbian OS.

Raspbian is the operating system primarily used by the Raspberry Pi™ which has a large following and development community. The Armadillo, which uses the same SoC, can utilise a majority of applications written for the Raspberry Pi™.

The Armadillo-43(T) features 13 GPIO, of which 2 can be used for a single I2C Channel, 5 can be used for a single SPI Channel (with 2 Chip Selects), and 2 can be used for a single Serial UART. There are also 2 PWM channels available for the User, one of which is shared with the Mono Audio output via the on board amplifier and mini speaker.

Each of the GPIO’s feature clamping diodes which protect the GPIO from accidental overvoltage, typically if connected to 5V devices.

The Armadillo-43(T) features a single on board USB A Jack for connecting to devices such as Keyboards, USB Storage, USB Hubs, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet etc.

Производитель: 4D