DAC0808LCM, DAC0808 (Texas Instruments)

DAC0808LCM, Texas Instruments DAC0808LCM, Texas Instruments DAC0808LCM, Texas Instruments
Наименование DAC0808LCM
Производитель Texas Instruments(TI)
Артикул 182853
NRND Не рекомендовано для новых разработок

D/A Converter (D-A) IC; Resolution (Bits; Time, Settling:150ns; Termination Type:SMD; Case Style:SOIC; Pins, No. of:16; Temperature, Operating Range:0°C to +75°C; Temp, Op. Max:75°C; Temp, Op. Min:0°C; Base Number:0808; Bits, No. of:8; Channels, No. of:1; IC Generic Number:0808; Linearity Error:0.19%; Linearity Error, ADC/DAC +:1LSB; Linearity Error, ADC/DAC -:1LSB; Voltage, Vcc:5.0V

Описание DAC0808 с сайта производителя

Семейство: DAC0808 8-Bit D/A Converter
Operating Temperature Range(C) 0 to 70
Power Consumption(Typ)(mW) 33
Special Features Current Output
Output Range Max.(mA) 4.2
Rating Catalog
Priority 1
INL(Max)(+/-LSB) 1
Sample / Update Rate(MSPS) 6.6
Architecture Multiplying DAC
Package Size mm2:W x L (PKG) : See datasheet (PDIP)
Output Range Min.(mA) 0
Interface Parallel
Output Type Current
Resolution(Bits) 8
Settling Time(Вµs) 0.15
Package Group PDIP,SOIC
Reference Type : Ext
DAC Channels : 1
Доступно 2489 шт. (под заказ)

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