TPS62044DGQ (Texas Instruments)

Наименование TPS62044DGQ
Производитель Texas Instruments(TI)
Артикул 178939
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BUCK CONVERTER, 1.2A 1.8V, 62044

Voltage Regulator TypeSwitching, Step Down (Buck)
Voltage, Input Max6V
Voltage, Output Max1.8V
Current, Output Max1.2A
Accuracy, Percentage3%
Current, Switch Output Max Isw2A
Voltage, Supply Min2.5V
Voltage, Supply Max6V
Termination TypeSMD
Case StyleHTSSOP
Pins, No. of10
Temperature, Operating Range-40°C to +85°C
Temp, Op. Max85°C
Temp, Op. Min-40°C
Base Number62044
IC Generic Number62044
Voltage, Output1.8V

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IC, DC/DC CONVERTER; Voltage, Input Max:6V; Current, Output Max:1.2A; Voltage, Output Max:1.8V; Outputs, No. of:1; Power Dissipation:1.67W; Frequency:1.25MHz; Voltage, Supply Min:2.5V; Voltage, Supply Max:6V; Termination Type:SMD; Case Style:MSOP; Pins, No.…

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OP AMP, DIFET PRECISION, PDIP8, 627; Amplifiers, No. of:1; Op Amp Type:High Speed; Gain, Bandwidth -3dB:16MHz; Slew Rate:55V/чs; Voltage, Supply Min:4.5V; Voltage, Supply Max:18V; Termination Type:Through Hole; Case Style:PDIP; Pins, No.…

ADS8364Y/250 (TI)
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A/D Converter (A-D) IC; Resolution (Bits):16; Sample Rate:250 kSPS; Input Channels Per ADC:6; Input Channel Type:Differential; Data Interface:Parallel, CMOS; Supply Voltage Min:2.7V; Supply Voltage Max:5.5V; Termination Type:SMD

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Катушка индуктивности 6.0+/-30% мкГн. В корпусе SMD размер 7,0x7,0x3,0, Ток насыщения 2.25 A

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DAC7744E (TI)
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16-Bit, Quad Voltage Output Digital-to-Analog Converter 48-SSOP -40 to 85

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AMP INSTRUMENTATION, DIP16, 110; Amplifiers, No. of:1; Gain, Bandwidth -3dB:2.5MHz; Gain, Max:800; Output Type:Single Ended; Voltage, Supply Min:6V; Voltage, Supply Max:18V; Case Style:DIP; Pins, No.…