LM1117MP-2.5 (Texas Instruments)

LM1117MP-2.5, Texas Instruments LM1117MP-2.5, Texas Instruments
Наименование LM1117MP-2.5
Производитель Texas Instruments(TI)
Артикул 157807
Выходной ток
Тип регулятора
Макс. температура
Мин. температура
Тип выхода
Падение напряжения Vdo

V REG LDO 0.8A +2.5V, SMD, 1117

Voltage Regulator TypePositive Fixed LDO
Voltage, Input Max20V
Voltage, Output Max2.5V
Current, Output Max0.8A
Voltage, Dropout1.2V
Accuracy, Percentage1%
Outputs, No. of1
Voltage, Supply Min3.9V
Voltage, Supply Max10V
Termination TypeSMD
Case StyleSOT-223
Pins, No. of3
Temperature, Operating Range0°C to +125°C
Temp, Op. Max125°C
Temp, Op. Min0°C
Base Number1117
Device MarkingLM1117MP-2.5
IC Generic Number1117
Logic Function Number1117
Tolerance, Operating Voltage +0.4%
Voltage, Drop @ Rated Current1.2V
Voltage, Input Min3.7V
Voltage, Output2.5V

LM1117MP-2.5/NOPB (TI)
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Space Saving 800mA Low-Dropout Linear Regulator with Internal Current Limit 4-SOT-223 0 to 125

TLV1117-25CDCYR (TI)
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Single Output LDO, 800mA, Fixed and Adj., Internal Current limit, Thermal Overload Protection 4-SOT-223 0 to 125