DAC7611P (Texas Instruments)

Наименование DAC7611P
Производитель Texas Instruments(TI)
Артикул 14750
NRND Не рекомендовано для новых разработок
Скорость преобразования
Количество каналов
Разрешение, бит
Интерфейс обмена данными
Диапазон напряжения питания
Тип входного канала
Кол-во выводов
RoHS Phthalates Compliant
Settling Time
Напряжение питания Max
Напряжение питания Min
Mounting Style

12-Bit Serial Input Digital-To-Analog Converter 8-PDIP -40 to 85

DAC8512FP (AD)
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DAC7611PBG4 (TI)
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Digital to Analog Converters - DAC 12-Bit Serial Input

DAC7611PB (TI)
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Digital to Analog Converters - DAC 12-Bit Serial Input

DAC7611U (TI)
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12BIT DAC, SMD, 7611, SOIC8; Resolution, Bits:12bit; Time, Settling:7чs; Sample Rate:0.132MSPS; DACs, No. of:1; Interface Type:Serial, 3 Wire; Output Type:Voltage; Voltage, Supply Min:4.75V; Voltage, Supply Max:5.25V; Termination Type:SMD; Case Style:SOIC; Pins, No.…

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IC, VOLTAGE CONTROL AMPLIFIER; Amplifiers, No. of:1; Gain, Max:40; Gain, Bandwidth -3dB:25MHz; Channels, No. of:1; Voltage, Supply Min:4V; Voltage, Supply Max:6V; Termination Type:SMD; Case Style:SOIC; Pins, No.…

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Active Analog Filter IC; IC Filter Type:Universal Active; Filter Response:Universal; Center/Cutoff Frequency, Fc:100kHz; No. of Filters:1; Supply Voltage Min:6V; Supply Voltage Max:18V; Termination Type:Through Hole

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MULTIPLIER 4 QUAD 2% 10MHZ, DIP14; Voltage, Supply Min:8V; Voltage, Supply Max:18V; Termination Type:Through Hole; Case Style:DIP; Pins, No. of:14; Temperature, Operating Range:-40°C to +85°C; Temp, Op.…

ADS7818P (TI)
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12BIT ADC, 7818, DIP8; Channels, No. of:1; Interface Type:Serial; Case Style:DIP; Pins, No. of:8; Temperature, Operating Range:-40°C to +85°C; A/D, D/A Features:CMOS, Industrial Temperature, Internal Reference, Sample and Hold, Serial O/P; Base Number:7818; Bits, No.…

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8-Bit, 20 MSPS ADC Single Ch., Internal S&H, Low Power 24-SO -20 to 75

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Octal Transparent D-Type Latches With 3-State Outputs 20-SOIC -40 to 85