QSH5718-76-28-189 (TRINAMIC Microchips GmbH)

QSH5718-76-28-189, TRINAMIC Microchips GmbH
Наименование QSH5718-76-28-189
Производитель TRINAMIC Microchips GmbH(TRINAMIC)
Артикул 1325989
Тим мотора

STEPPER MOTOR. Coil Type: DC. Torque Max: 1.89N-m. No. of Phases: Two. Resistance: 1.13ohm. Inductance: 3.6mH. Inertia: 480g-cm². Current per Phase: 2.8A. Detent Torque: 6.6N-cm. External Length / Height: 41mm. Flange Width: 56.4mm. Holding Torque: 189N-cm. No. of Shafts: 1. Phase Resistance: 1.13ohm.