QBL4208-61-04-013 (TRINAMIC Microchips GmbH)

QBL4208-61-04-013, TRINAMIC Microchips GmbH
Наименование QBL4208-61-04-013
Производитель TRINAMIC Microchips GmbH(TRINAMIC)
Артикул 1325981
Рабочее напряжение, В
Скорость, RPM
Тим мотора

BLDC Motor. Maximum Power: 52.4W. No. of poles: 8. No. of phases: 3. Phase Current, peak: 10.6A. Torque: 125mNm. Nominal 4000 RPM at rated torque. Stepper compatible 42mm flange. 8mm axis diameter, 25mm length. Typical 24V operating voltage. Up to 48V possible. Integrated hall sensors.