STEVAL-CCA042V1 (STMicroelectronics)

Наименование STEVAL-CCA042V1
Производитель STMicroelectronics(ST)
Артикул 1231545


The STEVAL-CCA042V1 demonstration board is designed for the TDA7491HV high-power dual BTL class-D audio amplifier.

Thanks to its high efficiency, the device assembled in the PSSO36 (slug-down) package is capable of dissipating heat without a heatsink.

Jumpers on the board allow configuration of the amplifier to verify all the features as single-ended or differential inputs, fixed gain settings.

Microswitches are also provided to enable the standby and mute functions

Демоплата  20 W + 20 W dual BTL class-D audio amplifier demonstration board based on the TDA7491HV