STEVAL-CCA025V1 (STMicroelectronics)

Наименование STEVAL-CCA025V1
Производитель STMicroelectronics(ST)
Артикул 1231539
Комплект поставки
Производитель ЭК


The STEVAL-CCA025V1 demonstration board is designed to aid in the evaluation of the TS4621E audio differential input stereo headphone amplifier. The TS4621E device is soldered on a four-layer PCB. An on-board RS-232 to I2C interface renders the board easy to control from a personal computer through a serial port.

The software provided with the board controls all features of the TS4621E, such as gain, mode, mute, standby and register status.

You can also use the connectors on the demonstration board to directly control the features through another I2C interface.

Демоплата  Class G capless headphone amplifier based on TS4621E