Grove - Mixer Pack (Seeed Technology Inc. (Seeeduino))

Grove - Mixer Pack, Seeed Technology Inc. (Seeeduino) Grove - Mixer Pack, Seeed Technology Inc. (Seeeduino)
Наименование Grove - Mixer Pack
Производитель Seeed Technology Inc. (Seeeduino)(SEEEDUIN)
Артикул 1230916

Grove - Mixer Pack Набор с двадцатью небольшими электронными блоками. Набор позволяет начинающим освоить азы электроники с помощью увлекательной игры. Grove - Mixer Pack is a kind kit which is similar to package of electronic blocks, It contains of twenty small module. Three of these module are used for supply for power, some can achieve and or not gate etc logic functions and others are sensor and actuator. It is a perfect combination of informative entertaining and practicability. No need to upload program. By connecting different input and output module, they can be flexibly applied to a variety of control methods,such as the hand control, sound control, light control. You can easily learn the electronic knowledge, but also improve the practical ability through this kit. Let you quickly into the wonderful electronic information era in the entertainment. Features: Flexibility Grove Interface Use widely can select supply power mode Part List Grove - DC Jack Power Grove - USB Power Grove - Coin Battery Power Grove - AND Grove - OR Grove - NOT Grove - SUB Grove - Branch Grove - Pulse Grove - Amplifier Grove - Light Sensor x 2 Grove - Slide Potentiometer Grove - Button x 2 Grove - Sound Sensor Grove - LED x 2 Grove - Vibration Motor Grove - Buzzer

Производитель: SEEEDUIN