Altoids mints sized tin (ADAFRUIT INDUSTRIES)

Наименование Altoids mints sized tin
Артикул 1228912

Altoids mints sized tin Mint tin dimensions: Top lid outer (not lip): 2.36" (59.9mm) x 3.75"(95mm) Tin bottom: 2.3" (58.75mm) x 3.7"(93.9mm) Inner: 2.24" (56.9mm) x 3.6"(91.5mm) Height bottom section: 0.83" (21.28mm) Height top section: "0.36 (9.26mm) Corner radius .55" (14mm)

Large Tin With Clear Top Window (ADAFRUIT)
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Large Tin With Clear Top Window Big project! Big tin! You've got too much stuff to fit into a 'classic' Altoids-size tin, so you need an upgrade and here it is! This tin is about 3.5" by 5.5" so it's got plenty of space for an Arduino Uno or Mega, or Raspberry Pi, or Beagle Bone, or really any dev board you could think of.…