Multi chassis 4WD KIT [ATV version] (DAGU Electronics)

Наименование Multi chassis 4WD KIT [ATV version]
Производитель DAGU Electronics(DAGU)
Артикул 1203226

Multi chassis 4WD KIT (ATV version) Alumium chassis size: 178x145x78mm 4pcs 1:48 gearbox 4pcs Terrian wheels ? 78mm not including any controller boards Max load: 6kg (1100mAh 10C 8.14WH,7.4V) net weight: 580g, 6~9V (7.2V ) color box packing Robot Multi Chassis 4WD kit build with full metal frame and special texture wheel. Benefit by the metal frame and the special wheel, this robot is good for heavy loading, and easy to run on sand, lawn or something else like that. Features Strong and durable Aluminum alloy chassis Full metal frame Special texture wheel Specifications Size: 178*145*78cm (length*width*height) Wheel diameter: ?78MM High-quality ATV wheel (rubber wheel): 4pcs DG01D motor 48: 1 ratio gear: 4pcs(Metal output shaft) Net weight: 580g 5x AAA battery holder Supply voltage: 6v-9v Nominal current: 800mA Stall current: 2800mA Include: 1 x Aluminum chassis top 1 x Aluminum chassis bottom 4 x DC motor 4 x Racing wheel 4 x Distance holder M3*25 6 x M3*8 flat-head screw 4 x M2.5*20 screw 4 x M2.5*25 screw 4 x M3*22 screw with flange 8 x M3*8 screw 8 x M2.5 nylon nut 2 x M3 nut 1 x 5*AA battery holder 1 x Spanner (M2.5 & M4) 1 x Spanner (M2 & M3) 1 x Screw driver