AD8330-EVALZ (Analog Devices Inc. )

AD8330-EVALZ, Analog Devices Inc.
Наименование AD8330-EVALZ
Производитель Analog Devices Inc. (AD)
Артикул 1191379
Комплект поставки
Производитель ЭК

The input SMA connector IN is terminated with a 49.9 Ω resistor (see Figure 2). For convenience, the board includes an AD8131 high speed differential amplifier to convert a singleended signal source to the differential input of the AD8330. If desired, the AD8131 can be removed and the AD8330 can be driven at one of its inputs from a single-ended source. The AD8330 output is observed at the SMA connectors OUT_HI and OUT_LO or by using the 2-pin header OUT_HI/ OUT_LO adjacent to the device. The AD8330 requires only a +5 V power supply; however, because of the AD8131 buffer bipolar power supply requirements, ±5 V supplies are required to power the board. The current required for the board is approximately 40 mA from the +5 V supply and 10 mA from the −5 V supply. OPTIONS Table 1 lists the jumpers on the board and their functions. Consult the AD8330 data sheet for further explanation of their functions.