QTR-L-1A Reflectance Sensor [2-Pack] (Pololu Robotics and Electronics)

Наименование QTR-L-1A Reflectance Sensor [2-Pack]
Производитель Pololu Robotics and Electronics(POLOLU)
Артикул 1184468

The Pololu QTR-L-1A reflectance sensor carries a right-angle infrared LED and a right-angle phototransistor, both pointing toward the front edge of the board. The phototransistor is connected to a pull-up resistor to form a voltage divider that produces an analog voltage output between 0 V and VIN (which is typically 5 V) as a function of the reflected IR. Lower output voltage is an indication of greater reflection. The LED current-limiting resistor is set to deliver approximately 17 mA to the LED when VIN is 5 V. The current requirement can be met by some microcontroller I/O lines, allowing the sensor to be powered up and down through an I/O line to conserve power. This sensor was designed to be used with the board perpendicular to the surface being sensed, and narrow-angle lenses built into the infrared LED and phototransistor packages allow it to be effective to a range of about 1 (25 mm). Because of its small size, multiple units can easily be arranged to fit various applications such as line sensing and proximity/edge detection. The QTR-L-1A is sold in packs of two units. Specifications: Dimensions: 0.3 ? 0.35 ? 0.12 (without optional header pins installed) Operating voltage: 5.0 V Supply current: 17 mA Output format: analog voltage Output voltage range: 0 to supplied voltage (dependent on operating environment) Optimal sensing distance: 0.125 to 0.25 (3 mm to 6 mm) Maximum recommended sensing distance: 1 (25 mm) Weight without header pins: 0.006 oz (0.2 g)