Goteck micro metal gear servo [2.5kg] (DFRobot)

Наименование Goteck micro metal gear servo [2.5kg]
Производитель DFRobot(DFROBOT)
Артикул 1183450
Тим мотора

Micro metal gear servo [2.5kg] Сервомашинка с металлическим редуктором 2.5kg This is a metal gear servo(2.5kg) from Goteck.It's very small, lightweight, and powerful! Metal gear for longer wear life and extra strength in demanding applications. Perfect for use in medium-sized electric airplanes,helicopters or mini Robots. Specification Operating voltage : 4.8~6V Stall torque: 2.3kg-cm(4.8v) 2.5kg-cm(6.0v) Operating speed: 0.10sec/60(6V),0.11sec/60(4.8V) Bearing:Top ball bearing Metal Gear Size:23x12.1x28.8mm Weight: 14.7g Cable Length:180mm(JR) Shipping List Goteck micro metal gear servo (1 unit)