CAN-BUS Shield [Arduino Uno Compatible] (DFRobot)

CAN-BUS Shield [Arduino Uno Compatible], DFRobot
Наименование CAN-BUS Shield [Arduino Uno Compatible]
Производитель DFRobot(DFROBOT)
Артикул 1019591
OBS Снято с производства

CAN-BUS Shield (Arduino Uno Compatible) This CAN-BUS Shield is designed specially for Arduino UNO with STM32, to give your Arduino CAN-BUS capability. Stmicroelectronics STM32 is based on ARM Cortex M3 32 bit microprocessor with a frequency as high as 72 MHz and built-in Flash and SRAM. It is integrated with dual bxCAN controllers and supports CAN protocol V2.0A and V2.0B. Its maxium baud rate is up to 1 Mb/s, and has three sending mailboxs and two level 3 FIFO, to efficiently handle large number of message with minimal CPU load. This CAN-BUS Shield uses NXP TJA1050 chip as the CAN transceiver. It is fully compatible with the ISO 11898 standard, with a maximum transfer rate of 1 Mbps. The "silent" mode is able to keep it from bothering other nodes on the BUS. With simplified hardware circuit design and high compatibility with Arduino UNO, this CAN-BUS Shield can reduce the difficulty in prototyping and aid you in data forwarding and network expansion. . Application Industrial Controlling: Distributed steam boiler systems; automation systems, etc Automobile: Engine controlling systems, transmission systems, ABS safety systems, etc Feature CAN v2.0B upto 1 Mb/s High speed SPI Interface (10 MHz) Standard and extened data and remote frames CAN connection via standard 9-way sub-D connector Power can supply to Arduino by sub-D via resettable fuse and reverse polarity protection. Socket for EM406 GPS module Micro SD card holder Connector for serial LCD Reset button Joystick control menu navigation control Two LED indicator Size: 64x53.34x14.18mm Shipping List CAN-BUS Shield (Arduino Uno Compatible)