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Powercast Px110 915MHz RF Powerharvester™ Receivers can harvest directed or ambient RF energy and convert it to DC power for remotely recharging batteries or battery-free devices. Each housed in a compact SMD package, the receivers provide RF energy harvesting and power management for battery-free, micro-power devices. The Px110 converts RF energy to DC and stores it in an attached storage element or a capacitor. The P1110 automatically disables charging when an adjustable voltage threshold on the storage element is achieved. For the P2110, when a charge threshold on the capacitor is achieved, it boosts the voltage to the set output voltage level and enables the voltage output. When the charge on the capacitor declines to the low voltage threshold the voltage output is turned off. A microprocessor can be used to optimize the power usage and obtain other data from these components for improving overall system operation

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