Даташит для TMC223-EVAL (TRINAMIC)

Производитель: TRINAMIC Microchips GmbH
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TRINAMIC Microchips GmbH
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The TMC223 evaluation board makes it possible to evaluate the features of the stepper motor controller and driver chip TMC223. The TMC223 evaluation board allows connecting the TMC223 chip to a power supply, a motor and IIC master. The software "Eval222USB.exe" and the documentation can be find on the included TechLibCD. It is mainly intended for direct attachment to the Trinamic USB-to-X interface converter which allows easy interfacing the evaluation board to a PC running under Windows 98/2000/XP via the USB interface. The windows running software Eval222USB.exe (on TechLibCD) for easy evaluation of all features is the same for both, TMC222 evaluation board and TMC223 evaluation board. Since version 1.15 a an auto detection of the TMC222 resp. TMC223 is integrated. The evaluation software needs the Trinamic USB-2-X interface converter to work.
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