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Tracked Robot Kit - RTK1, ORION ROBOTICS

Tracked Robot Kit - RTK1 Description RTK1 is an easy to assemble robot tank kit. The tracks are rubberized with cleats for traction on just about any surface. The main body bracket has mounting patterns for TheDavinci (Arduino Compatible) and obstacle or line follower kits. The robot kits can be controlled by a PS2 controller or they can be autonomous. Full source code available. The RTK1 kit comes with everything needed to fully assemble the robot kit. This includes body brackets, standoffs, wheels, rubberized tank tracks and mounting hardware. Electronics are optional. Recommended battery is a 900mah 2 Cell 7.4v Li-Po or 4 Energizer Lithium AAAs. Battery case is included. Downloads - Assembly Guide - Firmware - Arduino Libraries - Arduino IDE Windows, Mac OS X, Linux 32bit, - Linux 64bit

Tracked Robot Kit - RTK1, ORION ROBOTICS

Параметры Tracked Robot Kit - RTK1

Наименование Tracked Robot Kit - RTK1
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Изображения Tracked Robot Kit - RTK1

Tracked Robot Kit - RTK1, ORION ROBOTICS Tracked Robot Kit - RTK1, ORION ROBOTICS Tracked Robot Kit - RTK1, ORION ROBOTICS Tracked Robot Kit - RTK1, ORION ROBOTICS
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