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STMT/8L-EV1, STMicroelectronics


STMT/8L-EV1 is the STM8L evaluation board with a touch-sensing library which enables designers, who are familiar with the standard STM8Lxxx microcontrollers, to create higher-end look-and-feel user interfaces by replacing conventional electromechanical switches with touch-sensing controls. Designers can thus combine touch-sensing functions with traditional MCU features such as communication, LED control, beeper, LCD control, and so on.

The touch-sensing library is a complete, free source-code solution to transform any 8-bit STM8L microcontroller into a capacitive touchkey controller.


  • Hardware solution designed with an STM8L151 device in a 48-pin LQFP package
  • Touch-sensing interface offering 10 touchkeys, 1 wheel and 1 slider
  • LCD display to report touchkeys, wheel and slider status and parameters
  • Configurable operation: debounce, low-power mode duration, recalibration time-out, wheel/slider resolution.
  • Embedded ST-Link interface for user firmware evaluation
  • Touch-sensing library featuring:
    • Robust and proven charge-transfer acquisition principle
    • Excellent immunity against conductive noise
    • Supports up to 16 capacitive sensing channels
    • Low BOM with only 1 I/O per channel + 1 I/O per acquisition group for sampling capacitors
    • Up to 8-bit resolution wheel/slider using 3 channels
    • Fast acquisition time (typically 2 ms for touchkey, 7 ms for wheel/slider)
    • Advanced processing featuring: Autocalibration, Debounce filtering, Environment control system (ECS), Detection exclusion system
    • Free C source code library

Параметры STMT/8L-EV1

Наименование STMT/8L-EV1
Производитель STMicroelectronics (ST)
Артикул 791801
Комплект поставки
Производитель ЭК

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