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LISY300 Gyroscope Module, Parallax, Inc.

LISY300 Gyroscope Module The LISY300 Gyroscope Module is a single-axis yaw rate sensor providing up to 300°/s full scale rotation detection at up to 88 Hz. Useful in balancing robots or auto-pilot systems, the LISY300 Gyroscope Module can detect how many degrees it has turned on its planar axis allowing the host microcontroller to stabilize the platform and correct for drift. Features - ± 300°/s full scale - Easy SPI interface - Small DIP form factor module - Compatible with most microcontrollers Key Specifications - Power requirements: 3.4 VDC to 6.5 VDC (5 VDC recommended) @ 5.25 mA - Communication: SPI (4 MHz max) - Operating temperature: 32°F to 158°F (0°C to 70°C) - Dimensions: 0.75" L x 0.69" W x 0.47" H (19.18mm L x 17.56mm W x 11.95mm H) Application Ideas - R/C Helicopter stabilization - Auto-pilot system for R/C Planes - Balancing Robot

LISY300 Gyroscope Module, Parallax, Inc.

Параметры LISY300 Gyroscope Module

Наименование LISY300 Gyroscope Module
Производитель Parallax, Inc. (PARALLAX)
Артикул 735276
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