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STMPRIMER-BASE, STMicroelectronics

The STMicroelectronics Raisonance Primer range offer a solution for exploring, developing and evaluating applications for the STM32 and STM8L ultralow power line microcontrollers. They can provide you with a better understanding of STM32/STM8 operations by using the same EvoPrimer base with the interchangeable target boards so you can test the extension boards and the different microcontrollers.

ST’s EvoPrimer target board (STM3242IPRIM-DSTM3210CPRIM-DSTM3210GPRIM-DSTM8L1526PRIM-D and STM32L15PRIM-D) include the target MCU and may also feature the additional hardware for the microcontroller evaluation. To create a complete evaluation tool for the STM32/STM8L the user will need the EvoPrimer base and the correct EvoPrimer target board or just the Raisonance STM32/STM8 Primer (complete evaluation tool).

The STMicroelectronics EvoPrimer base (STMPRIMER-BASE) is easy to use, simply connect the target board into the base then power up and slip the transparent cover in place. The EvoPrimer base incorporates features such as a debugging/programming interface and nearly all of the hardware; this will help evaluate the target microcontroller.

Removable transparent cover
USB cable
Add on connector for base extension

EvoPrimer target boardsSTM3242IPRIM-DSTM3210CPRIM-DSTM3210GPRIM-DSTM8L1526PRIM-D andSTM32L15PRIM-D


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