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DS2746EVKIT+, Maxim Integrated


The DS2746 evaluation kit (EV kit) makes performance evaluation, software development, and prototyping with the DS2746 Low-Cost 2 Wire Battery Monitor with Ratiometric A/D Inputs easy. The evaluation board interfaces to a PC through a DS9123O USB Adapter and RJ-11 cable connection.

Separate control tabs allow the user access to all memory locations, all control registers, and real-time updates of all monitored parameters. The software also incorporates a data-logging feature to monitor a cell over time.

The evaluation board circuit is designed to provide the DS2746 with accurate parameter measurements as well. Kit demonstration boards will vary as they are improved upon over time. For information on the demonstration board circuits refer to our website at www.maximintegrated.com.


  • Demonstrates the capabilities of the DS2746 Low-Cost 2 Wire Battery Monitor with Ratiometric A/D Inputs including:
    • Voltage measurement
    • Current measurement
    • Current accumulation
    • A/D input measurements for ID or Thermistor Reading
  • Interfaces to the USB Port of a PC Running Windows XP® or Older Operating System

Параметры DS2746EVKIT+

Наименование DS2746EVKIT+
Производитель Maxim Integrated (MAX)
Артикул 624741

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