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MAX1567SUMEVKIT, Maxim Integrated


The MAX1567 step-up main evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested circuit that accepts input voltages of 1.5V to 3.2V and provides all the output voltages required for a typical digital still camera. The outputs consist of the main step-up output (3.3V), a stepdown output (1.8V), a general-purpose 5V output, outputs for driving white LED backlighting, and outputs for charge-coupled device (CCD) and LCD bias. The EV kit comes with the MAX1567 installed, but can also be used to evaluate the MAX1566. For applications with a higher battery voltage, such as Li+ battery applications, another version of the EV kit is available with the main output configured as a step-down converter (MAX1567EVKIT).


  • Up to 95% Efficient
  • 1.5V to 3.2V Input Voltage Range
  • Main Step-Up Output, 3.3V
  • Step-Down Output, 1.8V
  • 5V General-Purpose Output
  • CCD and LCD Bias Outputs (+15V/-7.5V)
  • Current-Regulated Output with Overvoltage Protection for White LED Backlighting
  • 1µA Shutdown Mode
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Параметры MAX1567SUMEVKIT

Наименование MAX1567SUMEVKIT
Производитель Maxim Integrated (MAX)
Артикул 56690

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