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MAX1968EVKIT, Maxim Integrated


The MAX1968 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested PC board that implements a switch-mode driver for a Peltier thermoelectric cooler (TEC) module. It operates from a single 3.0V to 5.5V supply and provides a bipolar ±3A (max) output to the module.

A potentiometer, DAC, or external source generates a DC temperature set-point voltage. Thermal feedback from the TEC module is compared to the set-point voltage to generate the TEC current-control signal. The MAX1968 accurately regulates the TEC current based on this signal.

When using the DAC, the EV kit connects to the parallel port of a computer running Windows® 95, 98, or 2000. Software, included with the EV kit, provides a quick and easy method to control the DAC.

Note: Windows 2000 requires the installation of a driver. Refer to Win2000.pdf or Win2000.txt located on the diskette.

MAX1968EVKIT, Maxim Integrated

Параметры MAX1968EVKIT

Наименование MAX1968EVKIT
Производитель Maxim Integrated (MAX)
Артикул 48762

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  • Изображение  CDRH6D38NP-3R3NC


    Склад (1-2 дн)

    Индуктивность: SMD, 3.3 мкГн, 3.5 A

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