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1473006-4, Te Connectivity


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Ejector Type Locking
Latch Material Stainless Steel
Latch Plating Material Tin
Module Key Type SGRAM
Ejector Location Both Ends
Center Key None
Keying Reverse
Number of Bays 2
Number of Keys 1
Number of Rows 2
Number of Positions 200
Module Orientation Right Angle
Socket Style SO DIMM
Socket Type Memory Card
Solder Tail Contact Plating Material Gold Flash
Contact Base Material Copper Alloy
Contact Mating Area Plating Material Gold Flash
Stack Height 5.2mm
Stack Height 0.205in
DRAM Voltage 1.8V
Housing Color Black
Centerline (Pitch) 0.024in
Housing Material High Temperature Thermoplastic
Centerline (Pitch) 0.6mm
UL Flammability Rating UL 94V-0
PCB Mount Retention Type Solder Peg
PCB Mount Retention With
PCB Mounting Style Surface Mount
Packaging Method Semi-Hard Tray Assembly
Packaging Quantity 20
Row-to-Row Spacing 6.2mm
Product Type Socket
Row-to-Row Spacing 0.244in
Connector & Contact Terminates To Printed Circuit Board
Profile Standard
DRAM Type Double Data Rate (DDR)
SGRAM Voltage 1.8V
Insertion Style Cam-In

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