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STM32-COMSTICK, STMicroelectronics


The comSticks are complete, low-cost evaluation and development packages that provide a fast and easy introduction to the networking features of CortexВ™-M3 STM32 and ARM966E® corebased microcontroller families.

The ComSticks include several sample applications implementing device peripherals (Ethernet, USB, CAN, ADC,...) plus a web server application so that users can explore networking of embedded applications. The C source code for all sample applications is provided so that users can modify them, and then rebuild and debug the application.

The software package includes an unlimited Hitex toolchain tailored to the ComSticks.

Software tools include an unlimited C compiler (TASKING for CortexВ™-M3 and GNU for ARM) to build/rebuild the sample applications and Hitex HiTOP5 development environment for code editing, device programming and application debugging.

For programming and debugging applications, the ComSticks connect to a host PC via a dedicated USB port.

Application power is also provided via the USB connection with the host PC.

Демоплата  Hitex complete, low-cost kit for evaluation and development of STM32 and STR91xF in networked embedded applications

Параметры STM32-COMSTICK

Наименование STM32-COMSTICK
Производитель STMicroelectronics (ST)
Артикул 355997
Производитель МК

Документация для STM32-COMSTICK

Средства разработки для STM32-COMSTICK

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