RFM12B-433S1, Hope Microelectronics Ltd

FEATURES • Fully integrated (low BOM, easy design-in) • No alignment required in production • Fast-settling, programmable, high-resolution PLL synthesizer • Fast frequency-hopping capability • High bit rate (up to 115.2 kbps in digital mode and 256 kbps in analog mode) • Direct differential antenna input/output • Integrated power amplifier • Programmable TX frequency deviation (15 to 240 kHz) • Programmable RX baseband bandwidth (67 to 400 kHz) • Analog and digital RSSI outputs • Automatic frequency control (AFC) • Data quality detection (DQD) • Internal data filtering and clock recovery • RX synchron pattern recognition • SPI compatible serial control interface • Clock and reset signals for microcontroller • 16-bit RX Data FIFO • Two 8-bit TX data registers • Low power duty cycle mode • Standard 10 MHz crystal reference with on-chip tuning • Wake-up timer • 2.2 to 3.8 V supply voltage • Low power consumption • Low standby current (0.3 A) • Compact 16 pin TSSOP package • Supports very short packets (down to 3 bytes) • Excellent temperature stability of the RF parameters • Good adjacent channel rejection/blocking

Параметры RFM12B-433S1

ПроизводительHope Microelectronics Ltd (HOPERF)
Чувствительность дБм
Частота Макс
Скорость передачи данных Макс
TX, дБм
Размеры, мм

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