TPS51020EVM-001, Texas Instruments


ViewTPS51020EVM-001 The TPS51020 is a multi-function dual-synchronous step-down controller. The part is specifically designed for high performance, high-efficiency applications where the loss associated with a current sense resistor is unacceptable. The TPS51020 uses feed-forward voltage mode control to improve the line response. Efficiency at light load conditions can be maintained high as well by incorporating auto-skip operation. The TPS51020 can be used in notebook computer system bus and I/O, DDR I or DDR II termination applications, distributed power and point-of-load regulation for DSPs, FPGAs, ASICs, etc. in servers, base stations, and broadband, networking or optical communications systems. TPS51020EVM-001 evaluation module (EVM) is a high-efficiency, dual synchronous buck converter providing 5 V at 6.0 A and 3.3 V at 6.0 A from an 8.0 V to 20 V input. The TPS51020 operates at 300 kHz with a peak efficiency of 94.8% with both channels enabled. This user's guide describes the TPS51020EVM-001 performance in dual mode.


  • EVM features a high efficiency dual converter providing 5V at 6A and 3.3V at 6A from a 8V to 20V input.
  • Peak efficiency of 94.8% with both channels enabled.

TPS51020EVM-001, Texas Instruments

Параметры TPS51020EVM-001

ПроизводительTexas Instruments (TI)
Производитель компонента

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