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ACC 1.2V 22mAh V20HR, Varta Geratebatterie GmbH

Аккумулятор используется в качестве резервной батареи питания (backup battery) в КПК HP, ETEN, ASUS и др. Manufactured by: Varta Microbattery System: Rechargeable Cells Type: Ni-Mh Size: V20HR Voltage: 1.2 V Capacity: 20 mAh Dimension: 11.5 mm Diameter Height: 2.25 mm Weight: 0.9 g Description: SYSTEM HIGHLIGHTS OF Ni-MH BUTTON CELLS FROM VARTA Microbattery: No memory effect Long life expectancy at trickle charge Up to 6 years at 20 |C . Up to 3 years at 45 |C cycle application (IEC): 1,000 cycles Continuous overcharge capability Low self discharge Limited fast charge possibility (within 3 hours at 0.5 CA, at RT, after full discharge) Excellent discharge characteristics Wide temperature range Storage: -40|C up to+65|C Discharge: ~20|C up to +65|C Charge: 0|C upto +65|C Therefore suitable for standard, high temperature and trickle charge applications Compatible with Ni-Cd button cells 0% lead, 0% mercury and 0% cadmium UL recognition ISO 9000 certified for design and manufacture of rechargeable mass type cells and batteries. Conformity to requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001.

ACC 1.2V   22mAh  V20HR, Varta Geratebatterie GmbH

Параметры ACC 1.2V 22mAh V20HR

Наименование ACC 1.2V 22mAh V20HR
Производитель Varta Geratebatterie GmbH (VARTA)
Артикул 254415
Напряжение, В
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