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STEVAL-MKI136V1, STMicroelectronics


The STEVAL-MKI136V1 is an adapter board designed to facilitate the evaluation of MEMS devices in the L3GD20H product family. The board offers an effective solution for fast system prototyping and device evaluation directly within the user’s own application.

The STEVAL-MKI136V1 can be plugged into a standard DIL 24 socket. The adapter provides the complete L3GD20H pinout and comes ready-to-use with the required decoupling capacitors on the VDD power supply line.


  • Complete L3GD20H pinout for a standard DIL 24 socket
  • Fully compatible with STEVAL-MKI109V2 motherboard
  • RoHS compliant
Демоплата  L3GD20H adapter board for standard DIL 24 socket

STEVAL-MKI136V1, STMicroelectronics

Параметры STEVAL-MKI136V1

Наименование STEVAL-MKI136V1
Производитель STMicroelectronics (ST)
Артикул 2209102
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