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The MEMSIC MXP7205VW is an AEC-Q100 qualified high-performance XZ or XY thermal accelerometer. The unique packaging of this accelerometer allows for either horizontal or vertical SMT mounting directly on the PCB, providing either XZ or XY orientation. Its operation is based on our patented MEMS-thermal technology which provides key beneficial operating characteristics for automotive applications. Thermal MEMS sensing technology provides unsurpassed vibration immunity with an inherent low-pass frequency response of 29Hz eliminating errors attributable to gravel strikes and other out-of-band accelerations. It has excellent 0g and sensitivity stability over the full operating temperature range. It is built monolithically using a standard 0.6um CMOS process. There are truly no moving parts and no error causing sensor structure resonances thus providing more accurate acceleration measurements with lower field failures than competitive technology. It has no measurable thermal or mechanical hysteresis. It is ideally suited for in-vehicle low-g acceleration measurement applications. A SPI interface is used to communicate with this device and access the robust self-test features needed for critical safety applications. Shock survival is greater than 50,000g.

  • Fully Integrated Thermal Accelerometer
  • X/Z or X/Y Axis, 800 LSB/g (1.2mg Resolution)
  • 0g Temperature Drift less than ±30mg
  • Sensitivity Temperature drift less than 3%
  • Inherent 29Hz Low Pass Filter Response (Vibration Immunity)
  • SPI Interface with 2’s Compliment output
  • Continuous and On Demand Self Tests
  • Operating Temperature Range from -40 to 105C
  • Shock Survival Greater than 50,000 g
  • Operating Supply Voltage from 4.5V to 5.5V


Параметры MXP7205VW

Наименование MXP7205VW
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