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IFBOARDDPGEN2TOBO1, Infineon Technologies Ag (Siemens Semiconductors)

Программатор для ICL8105 и ILD2111

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This is the galvanic isolated and CE certified .dp InterfaceGen2, which is used to set parameters and protection behavior for digital power products. I can be used to either test parameter temporarily or to burn them permanently. The .dp device will be connected via USB to a computer and is controlled using the .dp Vision Software.


  • .dp Interface Gen2 for parameterization of .dp products via .dp vision
  • Safe and galvanic isolation from DP2x board to low voltage side (USB)
  • Startup sequence and VCC supply voltage for DP2x is generated on the .dp Interface Board Gen2
  • Short circuit detection on VCC
  • Status LEDs for power, sync and PC connection
  • CE certified
  • Easily adaptable to specific application boards via standard 8-pin (2x4 pins) connector @Interface board
  • Firmware of the .dp Interface Board Gen2 can be updated via USB


  • Comfortable parameter setting without changing components on hardware
  • Maximum flexibility for adapting application behavior via parameters
  • Optimize system performance
  • Reduced R&D efforts


ПроизводительInfineon Technologies Ag (Siemens Semiconductors) (INFIN)
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