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EVAL3AR0680VJZTOBO1, Infineon Technologies Ag (Siemens Semiconductors)

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30W 12V SMPS evaluation board with ICE3AR0680VJZ Universal input 30W 12V off-line flyback converter power supply utilizing control IC with integrated MOSFET CoolSET™ ICE3AR0680VJZ. The application demo board is operated in Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM) and is running at 100 kHz switching frequency. It has a single output voltage with secondary side control regulation. Besides having the basic features of the F3R CoolSET™ such as Active Burst Mode, propagation delay compensation, soft gate drive, auto restart protection for major fault (Vcc over voltage, Vcc under voltage, over temperature, over-load, open loop and short opto-coupler), it also has the BiCMOS technology design, selectable entry and exit burst mode level, adjustable AC line input over voltage protection feature, built-in soft start time, built-in and extendable blanking time and frequency jitter feature, etc. The particular features are the best-in-class low standby power and the good EMI performance.


  • 800V avalanche rugged CoolMOS™ with Startup Cell
  • Active Burst Mode for lowest Standby Power
  • Selectable entry and exit burst mode level
  • 100kHz internally fixed switching frequency with jittering feature
  • Auto Restart Protection for Over load, Open Loop, VCC Under voltage & Over voltage and Over temperature
  • Over temperature protection with 50°C hysteresis
  • Built-in 10ms Soft Start
  • Built-in 20ms and extendable blanking time for short duration peak power
  • Propagation delay compensation for both maximum load and burst mode
  • Adjustable input OVP
  • Overall tolerance of Current Limiting < ±5%
  • BiCMOS technology for low power consumption and wide VCC voltage range
  • Soft gate drive with 50? turn on resistor

Параметры EVAL3AR0680VJZTOBO1

Наименование EVAL3AR0680VJZTOBO1
Производитель Infineon Technologies Ag (Siemens Semiconductors) (INFIN)
Артикул 2016427
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