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NIOBE, GEO Semiconductor Inc

The Geo Semiconductor Niobe Evaluation Board is a high performance reference platform for the Realta image processor. The purpose of this platform is to allow system developers and software engineers to evaluate the image quality of the Realta HQV™ solution and to develop, test, and prototype the final display application. All the key electronics, including the Realta image processor, are contained on a single PCB. The board input section supports the following interfaces: DVI-I, Analog RGB, Component SD, Component HD, Composite NTSC/PAL, and Composite S-Video NTSC/PAL. The reference platform provides three different decoding paths for the input video signals, through the ADV7402 (multi-format SDTV/HDTV video decoder and RGB graphic decoder), the SiI161B (DVI receiver), and the SAA7119E (multi-standard video decoder). The reference platform provides two video output formats (DVI and RGB) on the DVI-I connector. The digital output is generated by the SiI164 DVI transmitter, and the analog output is generated by the ADV7123 DAC

NIOBE, GEO Semiconductor Inc

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Производитель GEO Semiconductor Inc (GEOSEMI)
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