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STM32L476RET6, STMicroelectronics

  • Ultra-low-power with FlexPowerControl
    • 1.71 V to 3.6 V power supply
    • -40 °C to 85/105/125 °C temperature range
    • 300 nA in VBAT mode: supply for RTC and 32x32-bit backup registers
    • 30 nA Shutdown mode (5 wakeup pins)
    • 120 nA Standby mode (5 wakeup pins)
    • 420 nA Standby mode with RTC
    • 1.1 μA Stop 2 mode, 1.4 μA Stop 2 with RTC
    • 100 μA/MHz run mode
    • Batch acquisition mode (BAM)
    • 4 μs wakeup from Stop mode
    • Brown out reset (BOR) in all modes except shutdown
    • Interconnect matrix
  • Core: ARM® 32-bit Cortex®-M4 CPU with FPU, Adaptive real-time accelerator (ART Accelerator™) allowing 0-wait-state execution from Flash memory, frequency up to 80 MHz, MPU, 100DMIPS/1.25DMIPS/MHz (Dhrystone 2.1), and DSP instructions
  • Clock Sources
    • 4 to 48 MHz crystal oscillator
    • 32 kHz crystal oscillator for RTC (LSE)
    • Internal 16 MHz factory-trimmed RC (±1%)
    • Internal low-power 32 kHz RC (±5%)
    • Internal multispeed 100 kHz to 48 MHz oscillator, auto-trimmed by LSE (better than ±0.25 % accuracy)
    • 3 PLLs for system clock, USB, audio, ADC
  • RTC with HW calendar, alarms and calibration
  • LCD 8 × 40 or 4 × 44 with step-up converter
  • Up to 24 capacitive sensing channels: support touchkey, linear and rotary touch sensors
  • 16x timers: 2 x 16-bit advanced motor-control, 2 x 32-bit and 5 x 16-bit general purpose, 2x 16-bit basic, 2x low-power 16-bit timers (available in Stop mode), 2x watchdogs, SysTick timer
  • Up to 114 fast I/Os, most 5 V-tolerant, up to 14 I/Os with independent supply down to 1.08 V
  • Memories
    • Up to 1 MB Flash, 2 banks read-while-write, proprietary code readout protection
    • Up to 128 KB of SRAM including 32 KB with hardware parity check
    • External memory interface for static memories supporting SRAM, PSRAM, NOR and NAND memories
    • Quad SPI memory interface
  • 4x digital filters for sigma delta modulator
  • Rich analog peripherals (independent supply)
    • 3× 12-bit ADC 5 Msps, up to 16-bit with hardware oversampling, 200 μA/Msps
    • 2x 12-bit DAC, low-power sample and hold
    • 2x operational amplifiers with built-in PGA
    • 2x ultra-low-power comparators
  • 18x communication interfaces
    • USB OTG 2.0 full-speed, LPM and BCD
    • 2x SAIs (serial audio interface)
    • 3x I2C FM+(1 Mbit/s), SMBus/PMBus
    • 6x USARTs (ISO 7816, LIN, IrDA, modem)
    • 3x SPIs (4x SPIs with the Quad SPI)
    • CAN (2.0B Active) and SDMMC interface
    • SWPMI single wire protocol master I/F
  • 14-channel DMA controller
  • True random number generator
  • CRC calculation unit, 96-bit unique ID
  • Development support: serial wire debug (SWD), JTAG, Embedded Trace Macrocell™


STM32L476RET6, STMicroelectronics

Параметры STM32L476RET6

Наименование STM32L476RET6
Производитель STMicroelectronics (ST)
Артикул 2010450
RAM - память, кБайт
Тактовая частота, Гц
Размер программной памяти, кБайт
Кол-во выводов
Количество входов / выходов
Напряжение питания Мин
Напряжение питания Макс
Периферийные устройства

Документация для STM32L476RET6

Средства разработки для STM32L476RET6

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    MANTIS Wi-Fi expansion board for STM32 Nucleo-64 and -144

  • Изображение  NUCLEO-L476RG


    Склад (1-2 дн)

    NUCLEO-L476RG – один из представителей семейства STM32 Nucleo, обеспечивающий пользователям доступный и гибкий способ проверки новых идей и реализации прототипов с соответствующим микроконтроллером линейки SM32

  • Изображение  STEVAL-IHP002V1


    Средство разработки - Примечание: SMARTPLUG systems to measure and control AC loads based on STM32, ST7540 PLM and STPM01

  • Изображение  ST-LINK/V2-ISOL


    Склад (1-2 дн)

    ST-LINK/V2-ISOL - внутрисхемный эмулятор для микроконтроллеров серии STM8 и STM32 производства фирмы STMicroelectronics

  • Изображение  X-NUCLEO-IHM09M1


    Motor control connector expansion board for STM32 Nucleo

  • Изображение  STM32L-Discovery



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