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32F0308DISCOVERY, STMicroelectronics


The 32F0308DISCOVERY helps you to discover the STM32 F030 Value Line Cortex®-M0 features and to develop your applications easily. It includes everything required for beginners and experienced users to get started quickly.

Based on the STM32F030R8T6, an STM32 F0 series 32-bit ARM® Cortex® microcontroller, it includes an ST-LINK/V2 embedded debug tool, LEDs, push-buttons and a prototyping board for easy connection of additional components and modules.

Демоплата  Discovery kit with STM32F030R8 MCU

Параметры 32F0308DISCOVERY

Наименование 32F0308DISCOVERY
Производитель STMicroelectronics (ST)
Артикул 1937286
Тип устройства
Производитель МК

Аналоги 32F0308DISCOVERY, доступные на складе

  • Изображение  STM32F0308-DISCO


    Склад (1-2 дн)

    Key Features ?STM32F030R8T6 microcontroller featuring 64 KB of Flash memory, 8 KB of RAM in an LQFP64 package ?On-board ST-LINK/V2 with selection mode…

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