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uSD-4GB, 4D Systems

The uSD-4GB memory card is a Class 4 SD-HC microSD card, and can be used to store images, animations, text, graphics objects, for data logging, and many more uses, when used in the 4D intelligent display modules.

These cards are SPI Compatible, they are sourced directly from the Manufacturer, Phison in Taiwan, and are the recommended micro SD card for use with 4D Systems products.

Not all cards on the market are SPI compatible, and therefore not all cards can be used in 4D Systems products. Buy with confidence, choose the cards recommended by 4D Systems.

Extremely small footprint measuring only 15mm x 11mm x 0.8mm.

Параметры uSD-4GB

Наименование uSD-4GB
Производитель 4D Systems (4D)
Артикул 1925796
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