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4DPi-32, 4D Systems

The 4DPi-32-II is a 3.2” 320x240 Primary Display for the Raspberry Pi, which plugs directly on top of a Raspberry Pi and displays the primary output which is normally sent to the HDMI or Composite output. It features an integrated Resistive Touch panel, enabling the 4DPi-32-II to function with the Raspberry Pi without the need for a mouse.

Communication between the 4DPi-32-II and the Raspberry Pi is interfaced with a high speed 48Mhz SPI connection, which utilises an on-board processor for direct command interpretation and SPI communication compression, and features a customised DMA enabled kernel.

The 4DPi-32-II is designed to work with the Raspbian Operating System running on the Raspberry Pi, as that is the official Raspberry Pi operating system.

Powered directly off the Raspberry Pi, this 3.2" Touch panel allows effortless connection, and a single download package will get you up and running with a few simple steps. Please refer to the Datasheet for detailed information.

Please refer to the Downloads section for the relevant downloads applicable to both OLD and NEW versions of the 4DPi

4DPi-32, 4D Systems

Параметры 4DPi-32

Наименование 4DPi-32
Производитель 4D Systems (4D)
Артикул 1925790
Производитель МК
Тип устройства
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