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BOOST-DRV8848, Texas Instruments

The BOOST-DRV8848 is 4-18V brushed DC motor drive stage based on the DRV8848 dual H-bridge motor driver. The design contains everything needed to drive single or dual brush DC motors, and supports a parallel mode for higher current needs. The BOOST-DRV8848 is ideal for those wishing to learn more about brushed DC motor drive stage design. This kit was designed to be compatible with all TI LaunchPads following the LaunchPad Pinout Standard, with primary software/firmware support being provided for the MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad with a MSP430G2553.


  • Operates from 4 to 18V, 1A RMS current per bridge

  • Drives one or two brushed DC motors

  • Drives one brushed DC motor in parallel mode with increased drive current

  • Compatible with all TI LaunchPad's

BOOST-DRV8848, Texas Instruments

Параметры BOOST-DRV8848

Наименование BOOST-DRV8848
Производитель Texas Instruments (TI)
Артикул 1897476
Производитель ЭК
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Производитель компонента
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