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RF430F5978EVM, Texas Instruments

The RF430F5978EVM, including the user software SLRC001, is a complete evaluation platform to evaluate the key features of the RF430F5978 transponder:

  • Sub 1-GHz Transceiver

  • 3D LF long range trigger/wake up function

  • Passive, batteryless transponder communication

  • Contactless LF 3D Antenna Resonant trimming

In a typical sequence, the MRD2EVM LF Transmitter sends a 64-Bit wake pattern. and As soon as the RF430F5978EVM board is within the supply range (typically ~ 2m with this set up, but it can reach up to 10m with an LF power transmitter) and detects a valid wake pattern, the microcontroller is activated. 

The microcontroller will then measure the RSSI (Receive Signal Strength) of all 3 axes on the 3D LF antenna, interpret the orientation and distance of the device, measure the temperatufre, as well as the battery/system voltage, and send the information back via the onboard UHF Transceiver to the AP434R01 Access Point. The returned data will be visualized by the user software SLRC001, showing the signal strength on all 3 axes as well as temperature and supply voltage logging data. 

RF430F5978EVM, Texas Instruments
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