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TMC262-LA, TRINAMIC Microchips GmbH

TMC262 - энергоэффективный высокоточный микрошаговый драйвер для биполярных шаговых двигателей.
High Current up to 8A Motor current using external (N&P) MOSFETs.
Highest Voltage up to 60V DC operating voltage
Highest Resolution up to 256 microsteps per full step
Smallest Size 5x5mm QFN32 package
Low Power Dissipation synchronous rectification
EMI-optimized slope & current controlled gate drivers
Protection & Diagnostics overcurrent, short to GND, overtemperature & undervoltage
stallGuard2™ high precision sensorless motor load detection
coolStep™ load dependent current control for energy savings up to 75%
microPlyer™ microstep interpolation for increased smoothness with coarse step inputs.
spreadCycle™ high-precision chopper for best current sine wave form and zero crossing

TMC262-LA, TRINAMIC Microchips GmbH

Параметры TMC262-LA

Наименование TMC262-LA
Производитель TRINAMIC Microchips GmbH (TRINAMIC)
Артикул 1325960
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Минимальная рабочая температура
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Средства разработки для TMC262-LA

  • Изображение  TMC262-EVAL


    The TMC262-EVAL allows you to explore all functions of the TMC262. The evaluation board comes with a PC software which gives you access to every function of the driver. It comes along with a Step&Direction interface, a RS232 and a USB port. The TMC262-Eval is a complete "plug and play" solution, additionally only a motor, a PC and a power supply are required!

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20 шт.
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