Analog ORP Meter V1.0, DFRobot

Analog ORP Meter Introduction - Want to DIY an ORP meter? Need to measure the ORP value? Find it difficult to use with Arduino? Here comes an analog ORP meter,specially designed for Arduino controllers and has built-in simple, convenient and practical connection and features.When done the connection according to the diagram ,then with the program control,it's very convenient to measure the ORP. - ORP(Oxidation-Reduction Potential)is a measure of the ability of oxidation and reduction of aqueous solution, characterization of the relative degree of oxidizing or reducing.The unit is mV. Oxidation reduction potential is high, oxidation is stronger ,while the potential is lower, oxidation is weaker. The positive potential means that solution shows a certain degree of oxidation, while the negative potential means that solution shows a certain degree of reduction. - ORP is an important index of water quality detection, although it can not separate water quality independently, but can be combined with other water quality index to reflect the ecological environment in the aquarium system. - The measuring element is an ORP composite electrode, made of gold or platinum electrode and the reference electrode,assembly into a composite electrode.It used to measure Oxidation-Reduction Potential of the solution. Applications - Water Quality Testing - Aquaculture - Marine Science - Hydroponic Gardening - General Chemistry Specification - Module Power: + 5.00V - Module Size: 40mm х 27mm - Measuring Range:-2000mV-2000mV - Suitable Temperature: 5-70С - Accuracy:±10mv (25С ) - Response Time: 20sec - ORP Probe with BNC Connector - PH2.0 Interface(3 foot patch) - Zero calibration button - Power Indicator LED Shipping List - ORP probe (BNC connector ) ?1 - ORP probe circuit board ?1 - Analog cable ?1

Analog ORP Meter V1.0, DFRobot

Параметры Analog ORP Meter V1.0

НаименованиеAnalog ORP Meter V1.0
ПроизводительDFRobot (DFROBOT)

Изображения Analog ORP Meter V1.0

Analog ORP Meter V1.0, DFRobot Analog ORP Meter V1.0, DFRobot
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