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H2OhNo ATtiny Dev Board / Water Alarm, SparkFun Electronics

H2OhNo! ATtiny Dev Board / Water Alarm The H2OhNo! is a water sensor alarm kit that you build yourself. When water is detected across the sense pins an alarm goes off and an LED starts blinking. If you've ever had a water heater explode or tried to create submersible electronics you know how important it is to be able to detect when water is around! Underneath the default function of H2OhNo! is a small but powerful development board for the ATtiny85 microcontroller. The board includes a buzzer, LED, a coin cell battery, and the ability to detect analog and digital sensors. This mixture of parts creates a great low-cost tool to learn how to program and sense things! This board can be re-programmed to be an Annoy-A-Tron (originally made by Think Geek). Please annoy respectfully, otherwise your board may get demolished. Note: Please check the hookup guide below for helpful tips and assembly instructions. Kit Includes: - 1x H2OhNo! PCB - 1x ATtiny85 (Pre-Programmed) - 1x 20mm Coin Cell Battery Holder - 1x CR2032 Coin Cell Battery - 1x Slide Switch - 1x 2kHz Piezo Buzzer - 1x 8-pin DIP Socket - 1x Super Bright Red LED - 2x Jumper Wire - 1x Capacitor 0.1uF

H2OhNo ATtiny Dev Board / Water Alarm, SparkFun Electronics

Параметры H2OhNo ATtiny Dev Board / Water Alarm

НаименованиеH2OhNo ATtiny Dev Board / Water Alarm
ПроизводительSparkFun Electronics (SPARKFUN)

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Изображения H2OhNo ATtiny Dev Board / Water Alarm

H2OhNo ATtiny Dev Board / Water Alarm, SparkFun Electronics H2OhNo ATtiny Dev Board / Water Alarm, SparkFun Electronics
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